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3-Second Eye Crease Stamp

3-Second Eye Crease Stamp

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Get perfect cut eyeshadow crease in 3-seconds!
 Now, a smooth and precise eyeshadow looks every day is no sweat. It’s absolutely a time-saver!
 It is easy to use and great for makeups beginners. Besides, all kinds of eye shadow products can be applied to this stamp.


  • Instant Crease Effect:¬†The stamp can¬†achieve¬†precise and stunning¬†cut crease eyeshadow in a few seconds.

  • Enlarged Lid:¬†The creased effect¬†makes your eyelids look more attractive¬†with the colorful makeup.

  • Great for Beginners:¬†for makeups beginners¬†who have little control over the tools. It¬†prevents mistakes¬†and saves you so much time.

  • Works on All Eyeshadow Palette:¬†All types and all colors¬†no matter matte or glittering eyeshadows¬†can be applied on the stamp to give you stunning results.¬†

  • Eye Shaped Silicone Stamp:¬†get the balance cut crease look every single time

  • Comfortable Crystal-Handle: made with a curved design for¬†comfortable holding¬†and¬†application.


  1. Fill the stamp with your eyeshadow into the inner part.
  2. Press it down onto your eyelid and hold for a few seconds.
  3. All is done! You can make fine adjustments like blending or put on other glittering covers.


1 x 3-Second Eye Crease Stamp (45g)

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